Diabetes is a progressive disease and regular check-up very important tool in managing diabetes. Even if your diabetes is in total control, you can still experience complications. Our dedicated team of expert ‘Diabetologist’ , ‘Dietician’ and ‘Care Coordinators’ help you keep track of the ABCDs of diabetes to make sure your treatment is working by monitoring them on regular basis under the guidance of our expert ‘Diabetologist’ and US Board certified Medical Experts:
A - A1c levels
B - Blood Glucose level
C - Cholesterol Levels
D - Diet


 Assistance to get Diabetes Health Check up done

Virtual Consultations with expert Diabetologist

     Voice Consultations

     Video Consultations (if required)

 Assistance to share all the Health Data and lab results of user with our Diabetologist

 Customized ‘Care Guidance Plan’ designed on the basis of the Health Data and lab test reports by our US Medical Expert

 Regular Follow ups on the shared Care Guidance Plan’ by our US Board certified medical experts

 Monitoring of Blood Sugar levels by our Care Coordinators

 Customized Diet Plan on the basis of your reports and collected Health Data

 Diet Counseling by our Expert Dietician

 Regular Follow ups on the recommendations by Care Coordinators

Benefits :

  • Sample collection from your place
  • Delivery of reports in the form of Hard Copy at your doorstep and Soft Copy via email.
  • Review of lab reports by our US Board certified medical experts
  • Collection of Health History by our Care Coordinators
  • 'Care Guidance Plan'-Recommendations on these reports by our medical experts
  • Facility to coordinate by our care coordinators

Terms & Conditions :

  • Time for Call : 10:00am -6:00pm
  • Intimation to fix appointment for video virtual consultation to be given 24 hours before to our care coordinators.
  • All the reports of the user will have to be shared within two days prior to the consultation (if not shared earlier).
  • Process of teleconsulation will be initiated upon user’s confirmation .