Health care needs of ‘Elder Patients’ are often very different. Diseases and treatments can affect them differently. Older adults require care related to multiple chronic health problems that older adults may experience. Our Elderly Care Plan ensures the proper assessment , monitoring and appropriate Health related interventions at your doorstep through a committed team from Apollo Home Care.

Services :

 Basic Health Check


 12 Nurse Visit

     once every month

6 Doctor Visit

     Once in two months

 3 Physiotherapist visits

     Subject to requirement

 2 Dietician Visits

     every 6 months

 1 OPD Consultations

     with specialists athospitals inculding a dentist

 2 Physician isit on call

     Between 8am to 4pm

 Twice- Investigations at Home

     ECG, HbA1c, Lipid Profile or labs worth 3K INR (at 3rd and 6th month)

 Pick up services

     1 (20 km radius for Health Checkup and OPD Consultations only)

 Registration Fee

     Once in a lifetime fee per patient


     12 hours 7 days

 Patient Health Record

 Healing Card

     Additional top up of 10%

 Family Review

     Once a month

Benefits :

  • Sample collection from your place
  • Delivery of reports in the form of Hard Copy at your doorstep and Soft Copy via email.
  • Review of lab reports by our US Board certified medical experts
  • Collection of Health History by our Care Coordinators
  • 'Care Guidance Plan'-Recommendations on these reports by our medical experts
  • Facility to coordinate by our care coordinators
  • Virtual Consultation with our US Board certified experts
  • Secured platform to store all your Health Records
  • Regular monitoring of vitals by our US Board Certified experts
  • Assistance of transporatation to medical appointments
  • Help to arrange Medical Equipments
  • Assistance to provide care givers at Home
  • Assistance to provide Pharmacy
  • Assistance to provide Medical Insurance
  • Regular follow ups of health data by our 'Care Coordinators'