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NRI Family Health focuses on addressing the healthcare concerns of those who have their children living abroad and assist them with the appropriate monitoring and maintenance of general health.

Apart from this our services are also focused on any individual visiting India to seek medical treatment or a health vacation.

The team of NRI Family Health consists of doctors and healthcare experts from prestigious universities and reputable institutes such as: AIIMS, Calcutta University, Columbia University, to name a few.

Our team is composed of doctors practicing medicine in the US as well as in India.

Parents/Relatives of NRI’S living alone in India.

NRI'S visiting India for health vacation or to seek medical treatment.

Yes! There is charges for registration.

Registration charge: USD 49 per User

Incase a patient is confused or not so sure about his decision, he/she can avail our 'Second Opinion' service where we offer you the option to obtain a second opinion regarding healthcare from leading physicians in both India and in the United States.

Since NRI Family Health stores a client's health medical record in a secure electronic system, physicians in India and/or in the United States can readily review and share all pertinent data, allowing the care provider to develop a well informed, evidence based, care plan tailored specifically to the individual.

A second opinion can help to clarify and affirm that a proposed treatment, no matter how simple or complex, is the best strategy being offered to thus helping you make informed decisions.

Care For Your Loved Ones Health

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