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'NRI FAMILY HEALTH PLAN' is gift for better health to your parents and loved ones back home in India. We promote preventive care and provide help with ongoing health issues. A team of doctors monitors health data and provides medical opinion which is executed via vast and esteemed network of healthcare institutions in India.

Secure Online Access to Medical Records

Medical records are stored on a HIPAA compliant secure server. Data can be accessed from anywhere and be shared to any medical expert or facility with your permission.

Monitoring of Key Health Indicators

Data just doesn’t sit on a server but is actually being monitored regularly. Our physician team gets notified for any anomaly in vitals, labs or any other health indicators which lead to identification of problems before they become a big issue.

Virtual Consultations

Allows you to speak and get a feedback from our Medical Experts on the basis of preliminary screening of your Health Records.

Customized Care Guidance Plan

Provides direction for individualized care, designed by our US Medical Experts on the basis of your shared Health Data.

Customized Diet Plans

Individualized meal plans designed by our expert dieticians keeping in mind various dietary restrictions.

Assistance to Manage online Health Profile

Our care coordinators are a phone call away and ready to help you enter your medical data on our portal.

Assistance to avail Diagnostic Services

Nationwide network of Laboratories and Radiological services is available in all major metropolitan cities. We provide further help in finding the right facility in small cities and remote areas.

Assistance in Transportation

Transportation services are provided via third party providers to help with commute for short or long distance medical appointments.

Help to arrange Medical Equipment

Wide array of medical equipment available for purchase or rent.

Assistance to provide Caregivers at Home

Qualified and pre-selected home care providers are available for short term and long term use.

Assistance to provide Medical Insurance

Facility to help you choose best insurance plans based on your healthcare needs.

Dedicated Care Coordinator

A well trained Care Coordinator will be assigned to your loved ones who will be in regular touch with them and keep you updated about their Health Status.
  • Monthly Plan One time registration : $49/Loved One
  • One Year PlanOne time registration : $49/Loved One
  • Two Year PlanOne time registration : $49/Loved One


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